What should we buy before the bull run Bitcoin or altcoins?

 All of the last bull runs were ended by a massive increase within 37 days on average, doing a 7.6x multiple on average and started the alt season directly after, which lasted 3 weeks.Then, you simply wait 2 weeks for your altcoins to go up 10x-100x and then you start selling over the next few days, because alt seasons usually doesn’t last longer than 3 weeks.

You know, it is not good to follow people that will tell you Bitcoin will max out at $500,000 when it will not happen.

And if your decision is based on tat, then, you are wrong because you have not seen 16 Most Disastrous Crypto/Bitcoin Price Predictions. So, if you know about Bitcoin, I WOULD SAY buy Bitcoin because every coin depends on it.

Have a look at the end of the previous bull runs.

  1. Bitcoin went form $6,500 on November 15th to $19,800 on December 18th, doing 3x within 33 days.
  2. The bull run before that went from $176 on October 18th to $1,132 on November 29th, doing an 8x within 42 days.
  3. It run before that went from $48 on March 18th to $213 on April 9th, doing a 6x within 42 days.
  4. Next bull run before that went from $1.67 on April 26th to $30 on June 6th, doing an 18x within 42 days.
  5. Last  run before that went from $0.31 on January 19th to $1.06 on February 14th, doing a 3x within 26days.

Source: Complete Bitcoin Price History Chart + Related Events (2009 – 2018)


After the 2008 economic meltdown and a viable universal means of exchange – send and receive money without any middlemen like banks. Bitcoin was introduced to solve the problem.

Bitcoin is the first ever decentralized ledger based digital currency and was released in 2009.This is the most famous Cryptocurrency, notable, highly accepted and highest market capitalization of more than $150 billion.

It was founded by an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity was later found by speculation.The Coin is denoted as BTC, XBT symbols.

Bitcoin uses SHA-256d hash algorithm. And lastly, the blockchain used by Bitcoin is PoW – Proof-of-work system.Perhaps, one of the reasons for BCH and Bitcoin classic is the scalability inadequacy of Bitcoin. However, the good news now is that a Newly Launched Bitcoin Optech initiative is coming in to address the BTC project scalability issues.

That is the movement of Bitcoin from January 2015. 

WHY BITCOIN? 5 Reasons You Should Buy At Least $300-$1,000 Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin can make you rich by a mean of appreciation – what we saw in the year 2017.
  2. It is the most accepted coin universally.
  3. It is a solution to economic drop down.
  4. You can easily exchange it for bills in any country you are.
  5. Its value is not dependent on any individual or government of nations.
  6. Bitcoin is the King.

so, my advice to you that go with the flow to maximize your profit. First buy bitcoin then after the bitcoin rally then takes your position in ALTcoins to get huge profit. there is a tool on coinmarketcap site, which is known as BTC dominance which indicates the total share of bitcoin in cryptomarket. EX: if BTC dominance is 50% which means $50 billion is in bitcoin if the total market cap is $100Billion.

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