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This page is about current airdrops, contests, bounty programs and other ways you can get free cryptocurrency and crypto related items.you could be earning FREE crypto tokens and sell them for profit (or just convert them to Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)! Teams behind crypto projects often decide to give away some percentage of their coins for FREE in order to build a community and raise awareness. Many people absolutely love airdrops. Some aren’t worth much but some have been worth over $200. I keep some promising new coins. I can’t possibly list all the airdrops here because there are so many popping up and many only last a short time. So here is my list of crypto airdrops for Now (Get notified For Latest crypto Airdrop, bounty, promising ICOs & Free giveaway ! join our newly telegram channel )


Sign up to start receiving basic income at the rate of 100 free Swifts per day! These can be spent however you would like.

Ternio airdrop program(get 5000 ternio coin free) Starting Feb 5th, Every day we will airdrop 100,000 TERN to 20 lucky random people.

And, Initial Token Offering Begins April 2nd @ $0.10 per TERN. Get start !
  • In your dashboard, you will be provided with an “Airdrop Code” and a “Confirmation Code”.
  • All airdrop notifications will be made over telegram.
  • All airdrops are announced at random times each day.
  • 5 “Airdrop Codes” will be announced during each airdrop 4 times a day. If your Airdrop code is called, you will then be required to provide your “Confirmation Code” within 1 hour of the airdrop announcement.


Register to receive 500 IOX

1. Follow  above airdrop link
2. Click on ”get early access”
3. Submit form
4. Your account will be credited with 500 IOX

Earn CRNC By Sharing your Telegram link with Friends.

Current’s digital token (CNRC) uniquely rewards a person’s time, money spent, and data shared during the media streaming experience. This token can be used on a broad range of products, services, and in-platform advertising.

Current already has over 300,000 users and is backed and advised by an top tier group of individuals and institutions including Billionaire Mark Cuban, The Founders of Bancor, Indiana University, and more.

Upon form submission you will receive your personalized link and further information. sign up until Feb 21st for first access to the airdrop and a chance to earn even more CRNC in our telegram giveaway.


A global Ad optimization system based on blockchain technology, Limited time airdrop 20,000,000 AOT candies, 168 free candy once you entered the group, plus 268 free candies if your invited friend entered the group as well.


It is distributing free ERP coins to new users. Simply sign up to claim the airdrop. you get 10 ERP NOW. (1 ERP=$0.4)


CloudMoolah is distributing free ETH and MOO tokens to Telegram users. Claim airdrop by following the steps:

1. Chat with the Telegram bot
2. Join Telegram room
3. Submit ETH address
4. Receive free ETH and MOO


A More Light & Convenient Bitcoin Exchange. once you sign up on their site, 100 BPS will be sent to your account immediately. And don’t forget to share your invitation code or link to your friends, let them to come and enjoy their free 100 BPS! 
Each existed account will receive 100 BPS too.


DATx is distributing free DATX tokens to Telegram and Twitter users. Simply sign up with your ETH address and follow the steps to claim the airdrop. Don’t miss out First Round Bounties 🚀 DATx – The Blockchain Empowered Revolutionary Digital Advertising Terminal, is now starting Pre Token Distribution!


CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange