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It is a kind of exchange that facilitates trades and commission free while resolving problems of existing cryptocurrency exchanges.The feature of ZERO fees for trading on LOANDEX(LDX) maximizes the profit of traders and increases market liquidity. It is capable of processing orders at faster rates reaching more than amillion every second providing a true platform for “real-time” and efficient trading thus designating it as world’s first exchange for cryptocurrency capable of facilitating trading in high frequency will not be wrong.

Loandex runs on the network called Ethereum’s blockchain. This blockchain network has many features similar to that available in Bitcoin. However, a major difference is that Ethereum uses blockchain like shared space mainly for other apps that are decentralized and for smart contracts., making them compatible very easily through its system. Thus, LOANDEX is able to provide support for a wide group of cryptocurrencies. Loandex is an exchange platform offering to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies in the new era of the blockchain. First product offered by Loandex is a unique high-frequency trading exchange for cryptocurrency at zero trading fees which solve the current problems of existing exchanges. It facilitates spot and margin trading with zero fees thus maximizing the traders’ profit and liquidity in the market.

The company server can handle more than 120million visitors per month.

Only 1 Billion LDX will ever be in existence.

The best feature of Loandex is that it has ZERO dealing charges for spot dealing and margin dealing with up to 10x access to the concept of improving the expected benefits for investors all across the globe. Quite precisely, it will increase great amounts in an exchange itself. learn more about it from here


Global REIT


Global REIT is the first ever Blockchain-Based Sharia-Compliant REIT to be launched in the market.

It will start with a Net Asset Value (NAV) of USD 75 million and will reach USD 2 billion by end of 3 years. The first ICO will take place with 90 million coins for sale. The investment made by token holders will be invested in tangible assets which will generate income for all shareholders.

Crypto Investor- A crypto investor looking for stable dividends on a monthly basis and seeking to invest in real estate assets using crypto currencies.
Real Estate Asset Holders- Real Estate Asset holders looking to exit into a liquid market in the crypto domain

Pre-ICO is liveAvail 20% bonus for a LIMITED time.

Note:- ICOs are risky types of investment. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.


Revolutionary trading terminal that provides most innovative trade features and all the liquidity the crypto exchanges has to offer. Service that offers investors the opportunity to follow strategies used by the top-rated professional traders using Tradelize.score – the unique database and ranking system containing 100%
verified performance results. It’s business model is to allocate 80% of the funds collected via the ICO to engage the most successful traders and create the most effective investment and asset management approaches. During the ICO period, the top ranks of Tradelize.score will be filled with the best ProTraders, who will be given up to $500K to manage in order to develop the best strategies and trades and deliver the best opportunities to future investors.

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