What ICO are you following in November 2017and why?


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It simply means that the founders or developers of a cryptocurrency are selling a percentage of the coins to be released to the public. They do that to raise capital and support their project.

We notice there are a lot of new ICOs opening now , so, it’s really hard to predict which one lead the market with huge potential but I’m trying to select some of them( I believe)which have some potential in future.

Crypterium is one of the top 50 most promising fintech companies according to Financial IT. Crypterium has a simple and sustainable transaction-based business model It receive a profit from every merchants (not user) transaction. Crypterium is a revolutionary digital cryptobank with a credit subtoken and an open platform. It is a contactless cryptobank for everyone. No need for currency exchanges. Instant payments in fiat money or cryptocurrencies internationally. Integration with third party payment wallets or servies(Paypal,Gyft, WeChat,Alipay,PayTM) Crypterium — Cryptobank for Cryptopeople .

How does Crypterium differ from other cryptobanks?

It focus on contactless payments, because , in the future plastic cards will not be needed. You can use its payment app right after installation, without a need to wait 2 weeks for your plastic card to arrive.
they are focused on transactions. Theire main goal is to create their own crypto-payment infrastructure based on blockchain technology that will significantly reduce the cost of transactions for merchants. they are confident to achieve this task, because they have extensive experience in creating viable payment solutions.
they are focused not only on working with the existing crypto community, which now consists of just a few million people, but also with an audience that is still only curious about the crypto-world and is afraid to buy crypto-currencies. they created a system, which will motivate millions of new users to connect with crypto-payments. Get 20% FREE bonus now !
Crypterium looks like to be the next big thing- Keith Teare, Co-founder of TechCrunch.

Next is techcoin:-

TechCoin – Has to be one of the top three ICO tokens ever, Here’s why I believe that and why you should seriously consider this token as an long term hold wealth generation option. Get some before it is too late! This was always a VERY risky ICO, even more so now! For lower risk USI Tech is the proven place to be, It is aiming to Distributing 3mil Bitcoin ATM’s around the world, cloud mining, trading software, lunching self ico, own exchanges ,own blockchain, and open and honest owners.

How to get techcoin:

Step #1 – Register For USI Tech

Step #2 – Take the same username & password and sign in here

Step #3 – Purchase ICO Package with Bitcoin.

$0.01 Cost & Potential Income Projections When It Hits The Market: USI-TechCoin is an ICO opportunity.
-Silver ($58) – 100 tokens (about 58 cents each)
Income potential when it hits the market:
$1 = $100
$10 = $1,000
$100 = $10,000

-Gold ($2,900) – 10,000 tokens (29 cents each)
$1 = $10,000
$10 = $100,000
$100 = $1 Million

-Ruby ($11,600) – 80,000 tokens (14 cents each)
$1 = $80,000
$10 = $800,000
$100 = $8 Million

-Emerald ($29,000) – 400,000 tokens (7 cents each)
$1 = $400,000
$10 = $4 Million
$100 = $40 Million

-Diamond ($58,000) – 1,600,000 tokens (3 cents each)
$1 = $1.6 Million
$10 = $16 Million
$100 = $160 Million

DavorCoin. It can be my best investment for November as this is the coin which can repeat history of bitconncet and Regal Coin and we can make big bucks from it . I’m sure most people have heard of Bitconnect, which has gone on to have a market cap of over $1.7 billion just this year. Davorcoin is aiming to launch a similar platform but mainly using lending,staking and locking boost program. The new platform will use an ERC20 token and run on the Ethereum network.

The new platform promises to pay users high rates of interest in return for lending them money, Davor coin price start only from $0.7 with its ICO.

For the locking boost part, they are saying that when your contract ends they give you an option to keep it inside there for another additional days and they will add the extra % on top of what you already have. Programs like this get a lot of money from the exchange. I heard that is one of profit stream Bitconnect uses to payout their interest. Regal and Hextra release your capital sooner. I like how these newer ICOs are finding ways to reward people who don’t pump and dump. I think I’ll let it stake and hold for a while.

With a great interview directing towards topic like exchange and external exchange developers and the transparency that no one has in the lending platforms

NOTE : Only Invest That amount online in crypto which you have in extra because we can make millions here but we can loose as well . So keep that things in mind

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange

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