Here is the Reason Why Many People Love Bitcoin !

Bitcoin the popular cryptocurrency have some special aspects of the traditional monetary systems. Bitcoin has now only born, and it creates a lot of business opportunity over the world.For The past few years, the growth and usage of bitcoins are increasing gradually, and it becomes acceptable in most of the countries.These aspects are the only reason which creates interest among users, which are consist of privacy, security, anonymity, and more.

It Is Open Source-

Main thing is it is open to all. So anyone who has internet access can get involved with bitcoin network. All you need to do is get involved with a third party service which does BTC exchanges. Where the users or trader are instructed with how to make a trade, and then the users just need to place the sell order or buy order.


The Second thing which makes the bitcoin special is its privacy, that is people in bitcoin network can make the trade without knowing who they are actually in real life. So here there is no need of personal identity to make a transaction.
like Whereas in other exchange platforms typically a person must need a debit card and their bank account number. But bitcoin network eliminates such requirements.

It has a proof of transaction which is called Blockchain.

Another important aspect of bitcoin is a block chain, it works as a public ledger which consists of all the details about the bitcoin transaction over the network. it will publish the details of chains to all bitcoin miners and once a chain gets verified the miners take anything that hasn’t been processed and generates proof of work.


Last important aspect of bitcoin is it is decentralized. Whenever a person A want to send a bitcoin to a person B then there is no need of a central authority like banks. Therefore no other parties can control the bitcoin supply over the bitcoin network & no one can reverse the transaction.

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