Where can I find out more promising initial coin offerings or ICO?

An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for money today. ICOs provide a way for cryptocurrency project creators to raise money for their operations. Most ICOs raise money in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

  • Crowdfunding: raise funds from the public at large, as opposed to raising funds from institutional and accredited investors.
    • Depending upon your views on the regulation of private party transactions, this is either a boon or a menace. Depending upon your level of cynicism about people’s motivations, this is either a mechanism for fraud or a frictionless way for early adopters to get on board with your project.
  • Cryptocurrency: These are digital currencies, the most famous of which is bitcoin, which are ‘mined’ on the basis of certain complex mathematical calculations being performed.
    • The analogy to ‘mined’ here is ‘minted’ with fiat currencies: When the US Mint creates a new batch of pennies, think of that as roughly analogous to ‘mining’ a new batch of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that this is a rough analogy; there are obvious differences between the two processes, not least of which is that fiat currencies are regulated by and given the blessing of the sovereign state which manufactures them.
  • Initial public offering: This is a heavily regulated process in which a company sells its shares to the public at large for the first time. With such a sale come certain rights that the buyers of those shares have, as well as certain obligations that the seller of those shares must uphold.
    • As with the first bullet point above, your view of this state of affairs likely turns on your view about the propriety of government interference in private party transactions.
  • Cheaper token price before it is being listed on exchanges. (Similar to a stock IPO).
  • Limited supply of coins or tokens. (Some ICO’s have a maximum supply of coins or tokens during their launch. If you failed to purchsse any during the launch or when it hits its maximum supply you might not be able to purchase anymore of it in the future).
  • Bonus coins or tomens. (ICOs usually provide bonus tokens when investors participate in their ICOs which means they are able to get a higher amount of coins or tokens for the same amount invested).
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The secret of making large money in cryptocurrencies or digital money is to start when a coin is being launched. At that stage you can buy thousands of coins very cheap and then resell in few weeks to make millions. Those who started early in bitcoin are now multi-millionaires.

 We believe , the strogest upcoming ICO IS Plexcoin. Its tokens have been created. Total of 1billion tokens were created. A token is what the hardware uses to mine cryptocurrencies coin

It has a refund policy within the period of pre-sale.

It is build on the structure of ethereum. Ethereum has a steady daily growth in value. Unlike bitcoin whose price fluctuates daily.

Note: 1 coin will be $ 0.13 that first day. But from 21 days from the day you bought, the price will grow in value up to $2. And 1 coin may hit $10 in two months. Meaning, $100 investment will give you over 1,350% profit the first 3 weeks. We believe that 1 plexcoin may get to $75 within next year

Remember pre-sale begins from 7th of Aug.

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange

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