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An ICO is a fundraising means in which a company attracts investors looking for the next big crypto score by releasing its own digital currency in exchange, typically, for bitcoin or initial coin offering, is sort of like an initial public offering, but with a crypto twist and without the regulatory hoops to jump through, although this could be changing in a big way . 

We notice there are a lot of new ICOs opening now , so, it’s really hard to predict which one lead the market with huge potential but I’m trying to select some of them( I believe)which have some potential in future.

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has a simple and sustainable transaction-based business model.Crypterium is one of the top 50 most promising fintech companiesaccording to Financial IT. It receive a profit from every merchants (not user) transaction. Crypterium is a revolutionary digital cryptobank with a credit subtoken and an open platform. It is a contactless cryptobank for everyone. No need for currency exchanges. Instant payments in fiat money or cryptocurrencies internationally. Integration with third party payment wallets or servies(Paypal,Gyft, WeChat,Alipay,PayTMCrypterium — Cryptobank for Cryptopeople




It is much broader in scope than mere search, but its first iteration will be directly associated with user activated search. The BitClave software itself is a blockchain layer that records user activities, in a way that the user assents to. The system used for this is called BASE, BitClave Activity Search Ecosystem. This is primarily for the advertisers and data aggregation outfits to interface with, so that they can find users who fit the profile they are looking for.

For advertisers, this is what will be most attractive about BitClave: they are only paying for interactions which actually yield money, a radical and novel approach to advertising that couldn’t be successful in a centralized iteration. This is to say: exactly the type of disruption that blockchain and decentralization are meant to induce.




Serenity Financial is a secure and transparent marketplace for traders and brokers to meet. Some are providing a service, others are buying it. The platform itself acts as an intermediary which uses blockchain technology to regulate those dealings and provide a convenient, secure venue for purchases and sales.

Serenity Financial aims to unite brokers and traders from around the world over an arbitration system and digital currency. That system uses blockchain technology to guarantee the fairness of trades and withdrawals. Some of the key features of the platform

Why is the project relevant?

Trading volumes of today’s Forex market reach billions of dollars. Thousands of brokers serve as intermediaries for millions of traders around the globe, but nine out of ten brokers are unregulated. The market is practically on its own — no standards, no transparency or guarantees. Even choosing a broker is a huge gamble for a trader.

How Serenity Financial Works

  1. Trader registers with Serenity.
  2. Trader connects to any certified broker from the pool.
  3. Trader purchases tokens and transfers them to the broker that then provides the trader with an equivalent amount in the account currency.
  4. Trader starts placing trades while their funds remain on Serenity accounts and all trades and transactions are recorded in blockchain.
  5. When the trader closes a trade, they can submit a claim to our arbitration committee if they suspect any interference from the broker.
  6. The arbitration committee will review the trading terminal data and thus have a complete picture of what happened as all the trades are recorded in blockchain.
  7. If the broker is in the wrong, Serenity obliges them to reimburse the client. If the broker is in the right, proof of that is presented to the trader.

Everything is fair and 100% transparent.



 INS Tokens

It proposes effective measures to build a new fair grocery market.INS will enable manufacturers to provide highly efficient direct rewards to consumers with INS tokens.Most trade marketing campaigns are inefficient, leading to higher grocery prices. INS will develop and publish well designed website and apps for customers to implement the user side of the on-chain access to INS smart contracts and access to products listed by manufacturers on the platform

Buy items listed on the platform

Participate in loyalty and referral programs

Provide feedback to manufacturers

Earn and spend INS tokens





It can be my best investment for November as this is the coin which can repeat history of bitconncet and Regal Coin and we can make big bucks from it . I’m sure most people have heard of Bitconnect, which has gone on to have a market cap of over $1.7 billion just this year. Davorcoin is aiming to launch a similar platform but mainly using lending,staking and locking boost program. The new platform will use an ERC20 token and run on the Ethereum network.
The new platform promises to pay users high rates of interest in return for lending them money, Davor coin price start only from $0.7 with its ICO.

For the locking boost part, they are saying that when your contract ends they give you an option to keep it inside there for another additional days and they will add the extra % on top of what you already have. Programs like this get a lot of money from the exchange. I heard that is one of profit stream Bitconnect uses to payout their interest. Regal and Hextra release your capital sooner. I like how these newer ICOs are finding ways to reward people who don’t pump and dump. I think I’ll let it stake and hold for a while.

With a great interview directing towards topic like exchange and external exchange developers and the transparency that no one has in the lending platforms

Please remember Only Invest ,That amount online in crypto which you have in extra because we can make millions here but we can loose as well . So keep that things in mind

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