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In all honesty the best way to earn bitcoin is just to stop thinking about it. As something different from the regular fiat money that you use everyday. How do you get money usually? Well, that is probably how you should go about earning digital currency as well. But of course I do realize that its not always that simple. Perhaps you just want to get hold of a small amount of Bitcoin to try it out before buying some.

Personally, I would also suggest that it is an exciting and rewarding business to get into, giving you the chance to be part of something big while helping to take the power bank from the banks and return it to the people. Because there are so many different opportunities out there, my guide on how to earn bitcoin will not provide a comprehensive list of every single website. Instead I will introduce you to  general strategies with some links to a few of the best websites for each one and information



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I suggest you, it better to buy some bitcoin and hold it for future or join with genuine cloud mining company because it’s Time saving – You don’t have to set up the mining park yourself. No explicit knowledge – You buy a contract which is as easy as buying anything online. You don’t need to have any particular knowledge about the mining process. No extra space at home – You don’t run the miners at home, so you don’t waste space at home. No additional costs – You pay the contract and all the maintenance fees are included or deducted automatically from the profit. You don’t have to worry about repair costs or higher electricity prices.

Owning Bitcoin usually means that you retain full control of your wealth. You do not need to trust your wealth to a bank and just hope they will not lose it as so many did during the financial crisis

Lending is perhaps the most attractive way to use money to make money.  One of the most reliable tools in my cryptocurrency investing toolbox is lending on the xcoin exchange. It’s the old-faithful, slow-but-steady, go-to champion of my passive investment strategies. And it’s an answer to the age old question: if you have a large amount of Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency lying around, what can you do with it? Make more of it, of course!Basically, you loan out money to a relevant party and they pay you back, with interest. Lending Bitcoin now is big business. See how to lend and borrow bitcoin and how to earn massive amounts of bitcoin extremely easily .


As with any other investment, investors should create their own portfolio and work on it actively. Also, they should work on it for the very long term.

Creating a portfolio with some cryptocurrencies is the way to go. Choosing them selectively is imperative. Only invest in things you understand and keep your emotions under control are principles that should always be applied, in every investment portfolio.

The best way to invest on cryptocurrencies is buy and hold for future. Next, way may be earn from bitcoin by lending others and earn constantly income from the same bitcoin. Even many people earn bitcoin by leverage trading, it would be risky but trade and leverage bitcoin give the huge opportunity to earn massive amounts of bitcoin extremely fast and easy way.

And, for the beginners I recommend to invest for Mining – still, some cloud mining company has a different marketing plan and making the profit. HashFlare is one of the leading cloud mining companies and seem to be Trusted mining provider open to the public . the return of investment is quite satisfy, you will return almost double compare to genesis or others mining. It is also one of the longest running and most trusted Cloud Mining sites for Bitcoin.

Make Money with Bitcoin-It is easier than you think. Start with as little as $20.00.



CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange