For beginners,How do make a Bitcoin investment?

Bitcoin is a currency, like the Euro or the Yuan. You buy it in much the same way, either from a currency exchange or from other users who have the currency you desire.

Whether Bitcoin makes a good investment is a much tougher question, and you should solicit expert advice in currency speculation before diving into this realm. Bitcoin is extremely volatile and subject to bubbles so it can be a very risky investment.

Now a days ,it is fairly easy to get started in Bitcoin investing. There are many reputable, licensed exchanges such as xCoin, Coinbase, and Cex io that allow you to exchange USD or EUR for BTC. There are usually several options for funding, such as credit cards, SEPA, ACH, or wire transfer.

Once you’ve bought your bitcoins, look into buying a  Ledger Nano S for storing your bitcoins offline. You don’t really own the bitcoin unless you control the private keys so make sure you keep them secure!

it can shave 25% off bitcoin buyers’ amazon bills

Buy, hold for minimum 1 year and sell for profit. Don’t fall for cloud mining scams and other double your bitcoins scams.

Bitcoins once sent cannot be returned ever.

With Bitcoin you can do two types of investments.

  1. Buy and hold the bitcoins
  2. Bitcoin cloud mining. Through bitcoin cloud mining you can increase your bitcoin. So that give double profit in terms of bitcoin holding and when the price goes up you get more than double your investments.

I currently invested in bitcoin mining where I earn fixed income of my capital Contract (bitcoin).

Hashflare is a popular website that offers SHA-256 and scrypt-based cloud mining contracts at affordable prices. It offers to buy various cloud mining contracts related to bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether but as per the website’s policy, the customers must purchase at least 10 GH/s of hash power.

GBMiners, Many people have invested in a India based Cloud mining firm which has been paying 10% fixed returns of my invested amount every month….without  doing anything…It have recouped fantastic returns

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange

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