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There are different kinds of investing platform like:Lending, trading , mining or ICOs. So after a crazy 8 months with this online investment company, I honestly couldn’t give it a higher recommendation! I’ve seen many people averaging close to $10,000 USD profit per month and passively earning over 2 Bitcoin per month now with this company. Simply outstanding results.

Avoid the so- called easy money tactics.I’m really thinking this one has the best available option to earn form online. Specially , both long term investment, and possibly and with the greatest potential return. It’s fantastic and a great opportunity to grow your wealth exponentially. I still consider it to be a risky investment because it is not audited, but the payouts are solid and steady and I have no complaints so far.

Bitcoin lending is very similar to general investing. Nevertheless, funding bitcoin loans has some characteristics, that other asset classes don’t share exactly this way. The reason people make money out of it are exactly the same reasons that people make money with any other currencies – they speculate with it in the FOREX markets and thereby increase or decrease its value in line with trading activity. This is no different to speculators who trade in any of the other tradable currencies of the world such as the USD, EURO or GBP.

No matter how risky to invest on lending platform, many people multiply their investment within a short period of time. Have you ever noticed that these types of ICOs sold out within a minute. Here are some new platform promises to pay users high rates of interest in return for lending them money.I’m sure most people have heard of Bitconnect, which has gone on to have a market cap of over $1.5 billion just this year( with price $348 now. and Hextracoin goes from $1 to $40, recently DavorCoin $1 to $14 within one month.

There are 3 ways to invest in lending platform:

  • Buy, Trade and Sell the  Coin (it’s gone up 45% in the last 6 months)
  • Make a Loan on coin (to their bitcoin trading bot) ~1% per day
  • Staking: Holding coins in a wallet will receive interest.

 In lending platform, they have a cryptocurrency that is doing well and in the billions of dollars and rising .

what people don’t see right away with lending platform is that they hold your bitcoin which rises in value very fast, so the interest you earn is good but you can make more or less the same holding onto bitcoin but it is unpredictable so lending platform pays interest daily so it is  stable,many people make interest everyday.

After the bitconnect , Now two successful lending platform are Hextracoin and DavorCoin.


For the locking boost part, they are saying that when your contract ends they give you an option to keep it inside there for another additional days and they will add the extra % on top of what you already have. Programs like this get a lot of money from the exchange. I heard that is one of profit stream Bitconnect uses to payout their interest. Regal and Hextra release your capital sooner. I like how these newer ICOs are finding ways to reward people who don’t pump and dump. I think I’ll let it stake and hold for a while.


Hextracoin has an intelligence robot trade program that is potential to profit from the fluctuation of cryptocurrency in the market based on the feasibility.

Here are some new platform promises to pay users high rates of interest in return for lending them money. They claim to make money by using a trading bot that trades based on the volatility of bitcoin, this is similar to the concept behind most of their competitors such as Bitconnect ,  Hextracoin and DavorCoin.

SFI Blockchain Technologies limited: It’s the Most Anticipated Lending Platform Ico Of The Year! first stage sell is $0.10 which is guaranteed to be sold out fast. . Try To Have Any Chance Of Buying Some Coins At Only $0.10 Per Coin. it has started on the 27 Nov.(click login button for create account).

Neoconnet :-it a New Lending ICO looks promissing providing following Futures Mining , Trade ,Stake ,Lending and also Services ICOs also got 2 free neocoin free.

Steneum:- does not use fiat like US dollars for its lending program, so if you lend 1,000 STN, you will get back 1,000 STN, not USD 1,000.Unlike other coins, Steneum is unique. It is a real project that generates real benefits for its team and investors.

Please remember Only Invest ,That amount online in crypto which you have in extra because we can make millions here but we can loose as well . So keep that things in mind

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