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Comment on USI-Tech Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam? by Balkrishna.

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USI-Tech Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?
I’ve withdrawn 3 times this week, there is absolutely no problem with USI Tech Adrian, don’t come on man! As for the withdrawals well you have to verify your phone number, and use the google Authenticator to withdraw

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Wait… Read This Before You Join USI TECH INFO!
You may be right but, they pay only 5 days a week and every packages expire in 140 days. It has proven plan , you get 1% of investment of bitcoin. we actually get benefit from increase value of bitcoin. Company has earned from mining(you can see the ethereum hashrate from, trading, and others like own coin(tech coin), planning to install 3 million ATM, start to own exchanges and many mores.

Wait… Read This Before You Join USI TECH INFO!
they are in compliance with the SEC and FTC. So your next question may be but I tried to look them up in the database and they weren’t there…. I didn’t say they were. In compliance doesn’t mean registered. However simply put they are following the guideline laid out by the SEC because the SEC doesn’t lose sleep shutting down and prosecuting a company and too individuals in them. They do not care. They are operational in the USA because of this and broadcast this on the website. If USI knew they were gonna be shutdown and that kind of evidence be used against them (a bold statement claiming that on their website being compliant) would be there on their website? Nope. The other point would be the Chicago law firm is which the law firm gave a statement that they are legally in the right to operate and are a legitimate business. A law firm wouldn’t stake its reputation (esp in a statement) to represent USI. Let alone the lawyers that can be disbarred if lying (unlikely).

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